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Commercial Embroidery Machine Technical Info

Floppy To USB Upgrades

Floppy disks are obsolete and becoming very hard to find. Floppy drives for embroidery machines are expensive and usually have short shelve lives and even shorter warranties.

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Puff (3D) Embroidery

Puff (3D) Embroidery

Puff (3D) Embroidery is raised embroidery and seems to "come out" at you.  It is commonly seen on baseball caps.

Puff (3D) Embroidery is not difficult to do and can be done on any commercial embroidery machine.

Puff is done by changing some of the digitizing and, using a piece(s) of foam to raise the embroidery.  Tensions are changed to loosen up the thread.  Foam can be purchased at most craft stores.

Within the digitizing, the digitizer should use very short running stitches offset from the inside edge of the object that should be puffed.  For example, if you have a circle, there should be very short running stitch that runs around the circle close to the edge.  The running stitch should be about 0.5mm-1.0mm per stitch.  The idea of this stitch is to perforate the foam.  Sometimes going around 2 or 3 times will do a better job of perforating the foam.

Once the running stitch has perforated the foam, there should be a color change to stop the machine.  This will allow the operator to remove the foam off the garment, only leaving the inside part of the circle foam piece.  Once the foam has been perforated, it should then be covered by a column stitch.  The column stitches should cover all the foam and the stitches placed on the outside edge of the perforated foam.

In this video demonstration, the Butterfly ( is seen embroidering Puff (3D) Embroidery.

No More Floppies!

No More Floppies!

Do Away with Floppy Disks and Floppy Drives.

The Floppy To USB upgrade ( is the perfect solution for replacing floppy disks and floppy disk drives.

The floppy to usb upgrade device is a plug and play solution for eliminating floppy disks.

The device is quiet and easy to install, using all existing hardware.  If you can use a screwdriver, you can install this device.