Floppy To USB Upgrades

Upgrade your commercial embroidery machine from Floppy to USB

Floppy disks are obsolete and becoming very hard to find.  Floppy drives for embroidery machines are expensive and usually have short shelve lives and even shorter warranties.

The Floppy to USB device (http://www.FloppyToUSB.com) is designed to seamlessly replace your floppy disk drive device with a USB reader.

This device is designed to replace your existing floppy drive.  The device is the same rectangle shape as a regular floppy disk drive and, uses all the same outing hardware as a floppy drive.  The original floppy drive cables plug directly into this.

Once the device is installed, it communicates directly with your machine to trick it into believing the USB stick is actually a floppy disk.  Embroidery designs are then saved onto and read from a USB memory stick.


Although this device works as a great replacement for floppies, it still has some of the limitations of the floppy disk.   For example, regardless of USB stick size, this device will only read the first 1.44 meg of your USB stick.  The device EMULATES a floppy so, it must trick the machine into thinking its  a floppy disk.

The device is soundless but again, as an EMULATOR, it will still be the same speed as limited by your floppy drive.

All in all this is a must need device to get your into the current century.

The Floppy to USB device can be purchased at http://www.FloppyToUSB.com

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