Trihead Commercial Embroidery Machine

A three head commercial embroidery machine?

The Butterfly Tri-1503/T - Tri Head 15 Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine is a set of 3 single head Butterfly embroidery machines.

With 3 single head, you can generally outperform multi heads with even more heads.   By keeping the heads modular, all 3 heads do not stop when a thread breaks.  However, with a conventional 4 head, for example, if one head has a thread break, ALL head stop which can slow down performance.  Also, with conventional multi heads, none of the heads can run until all of the heads have been hooped.  With 3 single head, two machines can be running while the third is being loaded with a fresh garment.

Purchasing all 3 single heads at the same time is a money saver.

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