USB for Toyota Embroidery machines

Toyota made on of the most loved and reliable brands of commercial embroidery machines on the market.

Although Toyota stopped making embroidery machines many year ago, their machines continue to run and make their owners money.

Toyota embroidery machines were usually sold worldwide with a software package that was directly connected to the Toyota with  a data cable.  Although this worked fine at the time, it slowly became a very obsolete and difficult way to transfer designs to the machine.

Disk drives were available for these machines but, were rarely sold.

Since then, the only other option to transfer designs to the Toyota embroidery machine, has been the Black Box External USB reader -

This external USB reader connects directly to the Toyota embroidery machines data port.  The operator would load off the stick from the control panel just as they would pull designs from the PC.  The USB reader has a spin dial that is used to select the designs off the USB stick.

This device will work with Toyota 800, 820, 820A, 830, 850, 851, 860, and 9000

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