Purchasing a new embroidery machine

Are you looking for a New Commercial Embroidery Machine?

Looking to purchase a new embroidery machine?

The ButterFly Embroidery Machine (http://www.ButterFlyEmb.com) is one of the most economical priced machines on the market, without cutting corners on bells and whistles.

Caps, Flats, Tubular

The ButterFly Embroidery Machine has the capabilities of doing finished caps, flat goods, and tubular goods.  The tubular device will allow you to do shirts, baby clothing, aprons, pillow cases, name tags, towels etc.  The flat device can be used to embroidery large and heavy items like sheets, towels, blankets, etc.


The Butterfly single head embroidery machine is designed to be portable.  The machine includes a stand that has wheels for rolling and feet for keeping level and stationary.  The machine is about 100 lbs and can be carried into the back of a SUV with 2 people.

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