Tajima TMEX-C1501, Butterfly 1501, Toyota 830

Tajima TMEX-C1501, Butterfly 1501, Toyota 830

Looking for a single head commercial embroidery machine?  The Tajima TMEX-C1501, Butterfly 1501, and Toyota 830 are machines to consider that have passed the test of time and loved by many.

The Tajima TMEX-C1501 is a single head, 15 needle Tajima embroidery machine.  These machines typically always came with a very strong removable metal stand.   The stands were bolted to the machine making the machine very sturdy which is important for embroidery quality and machine life span.  This model was Tajimas first 15 needle single head model.  This has been one of Tajimas biggest single head sellers and are still sought after on the used market.  The machine came with a single character height LCD with floppy drives.  The floppy drives can be after market fitted with USB and WiFi.  The machine features a large sewing area and is one of the bigger sewing areas that most single heads have.    The automatic 15 color change is very convenient.  The machine also came with light sensors that stopped the machine when hands where placed in front of it during embroidery.

The Toyota 830 embroidery machine is a very portable single head 9 needle machine.  This was Toyota's first 9 needle version.  The Toyota 830 was designed to be light weight to make transportation easy.  The machine has a small footprint and can be carried by 2 adults.  The machine has an external power supply to make the machine lighter.  The Toyota 830 machines are very durable and have remained very reliable over the years.  These machines are very simple and very easy to work on.

Where many of its competitors have fallen off the map, Butterfly is one of the few brands in the USA that are still being sold in the past 5+ years.  The Butterfly 1501 is a 15 needle embroidery machine.  Like the Toyota 830, the Butterfly has a small profile and is easy to travel with.  The Butterfly comes with a full color touch screen LCD and WIFI abilities.


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