WiFi Upgrades

WiFi Upgrades for most all commercial embroidery machines

WiFi for Embroidery Machines is finally here!  With the USB to WiFi device (http://www.USBToWiFi.com) you can remotely access your embroidery designs off of a PC located in another room or, on the other side of the world!

This device will work on any embroidery machine that can read off a USB port.

Eliminate Floppies, Cables, and USB Memory Sticks.

No more unreliable floppy disks, no more direct connections, no more cables, and no more USB memory sticks!

This device connects directly to your embroidery machines USB port.  Don't have a USB port?  See External USB Upgrade and No More Floppies!

Once the device is configured and connected to the embroidery machine, you can download embroidery designs from a remote PC, the cloud or, various other data sources.


This device is very easy to configure and can make anyone's lives easier.  This device is ideal for large factory settings with many operators or, for home business operators who are tired of carrying their designs to the machines.  Its nice to have access directly to your digitizing PC when making fine tuning on embroidery designs.


For more information visit the USB to WiFi site at http://www.USBToWiFi.com

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